August Avenue Photography offers 3 different session options. All sessions allow for 2-3 hours of shoot time and no limitation on wardrobe changes. All 3 options also include as many different locations as we can fit in those 2-3 hours. I want you to have as much variety in your portraits as possible!

The Luxe Session… $300 (Most Popular)

This session option is the crème de la crème.  It includes your 2-3 hour session, PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP application and PROFESSIONAL HAIRSTYLING as well as your Premier Ordering Session!  You can relax and know that your look is in the hands of a professional stylist who will perfect your look and make you feel like you walked out of a magazine.  What better way to start off your senior portrait experience?  Professional makeup application is important when having your photos taken because your makeup artist will be using highly pigmented makeup that will last through the entire shoot and show on your face.  Most seniors who opt to do their own make up can’t even tell they have make up on their face in their photos.  Having your hair professionally styled is also very important when getting your senior photos done.  My professional hairstylist knows the latest state of the art techniques to get your hair to hold its style throughout our entire shoot together.  All merchandise, prints and digital files are sold separately.

The Glam Session… $250

This session option includes your 2-3 hour session, PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP, and Premier Ordering Session.  All merchandise, prints and digital files are sold separately.

The Basic Session… $200

This is your basic session.  It includes your 2-3 hour session and Premier Ordering Session.  All merchandise, prints and digital files are sold separately.


I am known for having a lot of unique spots that no other photographers in town know about so you’re sure to have original images that won’t be like anyone else’s.  We’ll hit as many spots as we can so that you can have variety in your portraits!  There’s nothing worse than seeing the same outdated backdrop in photo after photo in your entire set.  I like to move around, change it up and give you something different!  I refuse to shoot in a studio as I feel like studios are cages that trap you in the same look over and over again.  I want to get out into the fresh air and put you in that gorgeous natural light that no other studio lights can come close to!

When we talk before your shoot about what you want from our session, we’ll talk about what locations would best suit the feeling you want from them.  Are you a modern fashionista or are you more of a country cowgirl? For guys, are you an urban city guy, or more comfortable on the athletic field? That will tell me whether to place you in an urban alley, a warm grass field, or the playing field.  We don’t want to confuse your personal style with the environment around you.  I want it all to fuse together for an entire look rather than a stark difference between you and the setting you’re in.


Your session fee also includes your Premier Ordering Session.  After I’ve edited all of your senior portraits, I come to you and present your images in a way only a boutique photographer can.  All of your images are set to a slide show and showcased to you.  You and your parents can see and touch all of the products I offer and I’ll be right there to guide you through your ordering session.  Most photographers slap some photos up on a website and leave you with the daunting and sometimes very confusing task of choosing images.  I answer and any and all questions you have and you’ll leave your ordering session with the absolute security that you know exactly what you’re getting and so much more!

Your session fee also includes any pre-session consultation time we spend meeting or talking about your portrait experience.  Even before your session starts, we’ll talk about what to wear, tips and tricks for a great shoot, and how to get the most out of our shoot together! Do you want to know what I think about an outfit? Text it to me! I’m all about providing an experience of a lifetime and I believe that starts way before our session.  It’s important for me to know how you want your images to look and what “vibe” you want out of them so that I can give you exactly what you want.

And finally, when you book your session, you are paying for my time and talent.  I have done a lot of research, practice, trial & error on what angles will make you look your best, what lighting will make you look fantastic and what poses will really compliment your shoot.  I don’t just snap away with my camera and hope for some lucky shots… I create the shot I want before I even raise my camera to my eye… then I capture that shot.

For a detailed price list and/or questions about your session please email me at

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